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The Data Services API is a secure single, real-time interface that provides direct access into Acxiom third party data products and industry leading entity resolution services. It provides the ability to gather relevant and accurate information about customers or prospects, allowing you to build more targeted and customized marketing applications.

The Data Services API allows applications to perform matching, recognition (entity resolution) and enhancement across multiple marketing channels. It accepts both PII (personally identifiable information) and non-PII as input, performs highly accurate entity resolution using that input, and returns one or many associated data bundle enhancements in a single API call.

Acxiom's REST APIs speed up and simplify development of new applications.

The Acxiom Developer Connection offers access to the powerful data and services of Acxiom via a series of secure APIs. Each API is organized around a specific kind of function, such as data services.

The Acxiom APIs follow standard REST conventions, offering responses in both JSON and XML (and sometimes HTML). Our services are secured via OAuth2 and support OpenID Connect.

Here you will find tools and insights needed to quickly create innovative applications on the Acxiom Data Services API Platform.

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