Response Code

See for a list of HTTP status codes.

When more specific error information can be returned by the application, an error document will be returned which contains an application-level error code. Note that error documents are not always returned. See sample error document below for more information regarding the document structure. The application-level error code is comprised of a 3 digit application prefix and a 4 digit application error code.

Error CodeDescription
600-0000Unhandled Error (System/OS Error)
600-0010Internal Server Error
600-0020Authorization Error
600-0025Username, Tenant, and Role Not Authorized.
600-0030Document Not Found
600-0031Invalid Document Id
600-0032Invalid Document Class
600-0033Unknown path (Check documentation)
600-0040Missing Parameter
600-0041Invalid Data Type
600-0043Invalid Request Value
600-0044AbiliTec Link Error
600-0045Invalid Request Parameter
600-0050Conflicting Values for Parameter and Header
600-0060Batch Request Limit Exceeded

Sample error document rendered in JSON:

  "error": {
    "message": "Invalid document id: 1234",
    "code": "600-0031"