Activation Process

Activation Process

Several things occur during the activation process.

  • Your Acxiom account representative (or in the case of a new customer, a new representative) will contact you to discuss your application and the data/services that it requires to launch. At that time, you and the representative will review contract terms and conditions. In all cases, a signed contract between Acxiom and the developer laying out the terms and conditions of the relationship will be required before activation occurs.
  • The activation team reviews your (software) application to understand what it does, its intended use, how it acquires and manages first- and third-party data, whether its approach to security is comprehensive, how third-parties (e.g. Acxiom customers) will be authenticated and authorized to use it, and other aspects needed to ensure that the application complies with the Acxiom terms of service (which you signed when you registered on the Developer Connection), your contract, and all applicable regulations and laws.
  • As part of step 2, depending on the type of data your application uses and that you are storing, you may be asked to submit an example of the data fields used by your application that contain first- or third-party data, whether individual or aggregate (segment). This can be in the form of a .xls or .csv file with the fields names as row headings and a sample of data. Alternately, if you are maintaining a large number of features (fields) about individual, you can submit a .doc or .pdf containing feature name and a description. Your activation lead will work with you to determine if Acxiom will need this information in order to approve a production key.
  • We may recommend changes to your application, based on our knowledge of the APIs, which can improve the capability or performance of your application with minimal effort prior to activation. These are recommendations, and you would not be required to implement them prior to receiving a production key.
  • If changes to your application are required to ensure compliance with all laws, contracts, and terms of service, our activation team will work with you to find the best solution to the specific issues to ensure that you can quickly adapt your software and move into production.
Issuing a Product Key

Once your application is approved through the activation process and your contract is signed, the activation team will enable your application on the Acxiom API Platform, which includes:

  1. Providing a production key to your application.
  2. Setting roles and permissions for the different types of users who may need to use your application.
  3. Setting any authentication and authorizations for access to specific data sources authorized under your contract.

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